Saturday, January 12, 2013


I actually wrote "lurgy" as my title, so where Kyrgyzstan came from I have no idea! Lol!

But yes, I have the lurgy. 4 days back at school and I'm coughing and spluttering like something from a 1950's NHS film. I have lots to blog about, but not from my phone because I'll get RSI in my thumb, and because I need to put lots of links in.

But this was part of my day yesterday. Post, from Mr Postman.

Part of me says irony, part of me says Rich, Lee and the boys are just looking out for me. On the same day as I get post for Rich, i get post from Scotty's.

Apparently Rich hasn't answered an email that they sent him. I wonder if its because he's been dead 3.5 years exactly on Thursday? Or is he just rude? I tried to talk to them on the phone, cried a lot, spoke to a dismissive young man who was quite rude, and who hid behind data protection. I have to email them. All I want is his name off the mailing list.

But the Scotty's one was to say that we raised £1277 by bag packing before Christmas. Excellent news, and came with hugs.

One letter counter acted the other and left me with a level playing field once again. I just wish companies like Credit Expert would think before blindly telling the computer to contact everyone.

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