Monday, October 28, 2013

UK storm, I laugh at you!

I'm in Norfolk. It's half term. I have time to blog!) It's very wet, but it is not the 'there's-not-a-hurricane' storm of whenever it was (1997?) nor even the big storms of 2007 or 2009.

It is very wet, and the weather lady on BBC says it's going to peak with us between 8-11. The news pictures are full of trees down and huge wind numbers.

It's also full of some lad who has been missing since yesterday in the sea. One lifeboat chap has been injured. The helicopter can't fly because of the wind and the mission has been downgraded to a recovery mission as opposed to a rescue mission. We all know what that means. Somewhere, there is a grieving family. I think he was daft to play chicken with the sea, but we've all done daft things.

Our big mission here is the Adorable Child's bedroom. For four years and 3 months he hasn't thrown anything away. ANYTHING. It is typical behaviour for a bereaved child, it is understandable and a way to retain control over the changing environment around him. It is just how it is. But now he is ready. He wants change. I've made him wait til half term so that he is desperate for change. It is going to be a huge job.

We are going to take it in half hour sections. Some things will go to the garage - furniture things. Some things will go to charity or friends or school - books and toys and so on. Somethings will go in the bin (almost everything else!). In the end. He will have a cleansed bedroom, ready for painting or wallpapering, ready for him to fill with things from his new life. It'll be ready for a 10yr old, not a 6 yr old.

So. Black bags ready to go. Boxes ready to go.

Game on people! UKstorm, I laugh at you!

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