Sunday, March 2, 2014

Everything's Amazing, sort of.

The Adorable Child is reading a lot of Tom Gates books at the moment.  He really likes them.   I think they are ok, but then I am not the target audience.  He is, and he loves them.

At the moment, he's reading Everything's Amazing, Sort Of.  I have no idea what it's about, but the title is ringing through me.  Everything's Amazing.  Sort of.

Life is like that.  Everything is amazing, but human's always have to put a 'sort of' on it.  Like, it could be better.  Like, it's not enough.  Whatever it is, we want the extra.  The grass is always looking greener.

AC is facing SATs soon.  He has been sent home with revision books.  But this is his graph.  The green line shows national average.  He is well above national average.  That is amazing.  We've worked so hard for this, and now it's all good.  His reading has always been good - he could read before he went to proper school, because I taught him when he showed interest.  His maths took off as soon as he was shown, and he absorbed new information like a sponge.  His general knowledge is fabulous - he likes facts and figures and the more pointless the better!  Even his writing, which he has always struggled with, is now showing the results of continuous hard work, of love and support and a healthy dose of nagging.

And yet, on my coffee table, are his revision books.  His teacher wants the best for him, knows he can achieve more, which is fine, and I'm applauding her sense of ambition for him, I love the way she gets the absolute best out of all of her children, but can we just be proud of where he is now for a little while?

Everything is amazing, but apparently only sort of.......

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