Monday, July 7, 2014

And he returned......

Of course he did.

Why wouldn't he?  (Don't answer that, this is my paranoia)

He had a good time, of sorts.  The activities were great, the people in his dorm were mostly great but there was, as he termed it 'a couple of fools'.  I am glad that he doesn't think like they do, even though he has a wider cursing vocabulary than them, he chooses not to use it.

However, he said that there were times when he missed me 'so hard it hurt'.  Like he was never going to see me again, he said.

We both agreed it was different to last year.  We also both agreed that we didn't know why.  It just was.


(and no,  he hadn't used all of his clean clothes.  Boys will be boys.....)

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