Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance and Armistice

On Sunday we, as a country, held Remembrance Sunday parades and services. I went, as I have done for years, to Tower Gardens. For the last 5 services, I have gone with J. It is now almost traditional that AC's dad meets us there with AC, we stand together as a 'family' and AC then comes home with us. AC's dad is very understanding, and very compassionate about Remembrance Sunday.

This year, as usual, we people spotted, we chatted, and then the service started and we fell silent. The Exhortation was given and then the Last Post started. And then I cried. I cried for 2 minutes, solidly, and then the Reveille started, the standards flew high, and I stopped. It is like a tap.

This year was different. This year the boychild stood in front of me, and when he realised I was crying, he put his hand behind him to hold mine, nudging J on the way so he could hold the other one.

For the first time, AC comforted me.

He grows up, ever up.

That means that today, I am less concerned about him going to high school and having Armistice on his own for the first time. He has broken so badly in the past that I have been worried. In all honesty, I still am a bit. But I'm his mum, I'm supposed to worry!

Today the nation will stop for two minutes. Today the nation wears it's poppies and remembers the fallen and supports the living. The nation bows its collective head to those who serve.

Today I will cry for two minutes again. I will ensure I have tissues and my class can't see me. I will make sure I have a brew before hand to bolster my spirit and pray hard to bolster my soul.

I have written my usual Remembrance Poem, but not for sharing today.

They shall not grow old.....

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