Friday, February 20, 2015

Sea change? All change.......

There is a change going through my house/life/soul at the moment.

Several things are going on which I am completely happy with.

One I'm not mentioning until I get somewhere.  If I get somewhere.  It involves a job application.......

The other, more important change, is in me.

I have kept a Bullet Journal for ages.  I find it really useful, but I wasn't using it the way it should be used, it was more of a task list.  This week, I think I've cracked it.

I'll put photos in another post, but I have one page for tasks, and the opposite page for other things.

Initially the 'other things' were

Boring things I achieved today
Things I did today for me.
Up and Bed
Things to buy

Over the last week, partly due to lots of thinking, partly due to reading 'One Thousand Gifts' AGAIN,  my "Boring things I achieved today " has changed to "Things to be thankful I can do - not boring but necessary" and finally to "Ways I choose to bless my family"

Nothing else has changed.  It is this change in attitude that is important though.  Yes, I'm the one who always does lots in the house.  I can choose for it to be a chore, or I can choose for it to be a way I bless my family, and show them I love them.

I'm not always going to get it right, but it feels nicer, and I seem to have a lot more done!

Pictures to follow!

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