Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear So-and-So

Dear Frank,

I know you love me. But it's 0309. As in, just past 3am. I know you like sleeping under the duvet, preferably with your head on my arm and your paws on my belly, but please stop snoring in my ear. And I know you have to go to the loo as soon as you hear a noise, but your feet get really cold!

Love you though,



Dear Kevin,

Yes, you love me, you big hairy ginger fool, and I love you. You've made me smile so much in your six years with us. Your part-Burnese self needs to put a sock in it though. You are sleeping in the crook of my knees, alternating purring and snoring and I can't move without disturbing you. And I have cramp.

So...... Sorry, but you're the cat and I'm the human and I win. I am going to move...... In a minute.....




Dear J,

Cuddling is lovely. Snuggling is lovely. Sleeping with your arms like a dead weight on my chest is less than lovely because of Frank and Kevin.

But you aren't snoring, so it could be worse.

Love you more and muchly,



Dear Insomnia,

Bugger off.

I don't love you and I have a busy day ahead. If I go to sleep now I can score at least another 90mins.

Bye bye now,



Dear Me,

Do not give up and just go and do work. No.

(If you are still awake at 4:30, you can start on the RE planning!)



P.S. Put the so-and-so badge on here tomorrow. Well. Later today.

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Michelle Twin Mum said...

Lol! love your little comments at the end. I hope you get a fabulous nights sleep, you have a way with these posts, they really come alive. Are you on twiter? Mich x

Anonymous said...

It's great that you found the humour in this situation. Not sure that human wins over cat, though. ��