Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Seven days without writing...

.... makes one weak.

It does.  I missed it.  There were several reasons, involving clocks changing, total tiredness, a bombsite of a house and just sheer forgetfulness, but well, such is life.  Right now, I'm sitting in the window seat, at half 9 at night, aching with tiredness but desperate to get something onto not-paper.  I am not putting in a week of eggs on the 365 page!

So, prompt? (seeing as my brain has melted) is The Unrequited love poem (I'm doing these in order, so I don't miss any out!)

The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

With an ache in my heart I see your pictures,
Of the two of you, proud in the paper,
Parents by your side,
Her dress shimmering in the sunlight,
Her blonde hair flowing down her back,
Crowned with roses
Like the ones she holds in her bouquet.
Your arm is around her,
Your smile wide,
Your eyes look down at the top of her head
And your love is all for her.

Once it was mine.
Once you said you loved me,
Loved my dark hair,
Loved my dark eyes,
Loved my easy smile,
Loved my body, my hands, my face, my body,
Melded and moulded me against your form,
Then I walked away
Believing you'd follow,
And you didn't.
I was no longer enough.
I had let myself go,
Betrayed your trust,
And you no longer cared enough to fight for us.
I had hurt you too much.

My heart aches.
My soul weeps.
My stomach churns.
The lighter in my hand sparks,
And flames lick your faces,
Gone at last.

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