Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok, so... Plastering?

..... where did we get to?

We had a ceiling, and the plasterer was coming. Good. This is last Saturday then.

Plastering is an art, and if it's something you can do, fantastic, more power to your elbow. If it's not, like for Rich and I, then something has to be done - i.e. get someone in. The walls in the old kitchen had blown in places (the old plaster had come away from the wall) so we stripped back as much as we needed to so that we got to solid plaster in some places, and plain back to the brick in others.

We also took the opportunity to put in an arch between the kitchen and the laundry space, as we're never going to have a door on there - we aren't door people - and then the two places are connected, but still separate, if you follow my meaning.

There aren't many pictures of this bit, because the plasterer was working at a real pace and I didn't want to get in his way, plus the Adorable Child and I went to Wales for friends childrens christening.

Both of these pictures you may have to make bigger to see the point of them. This one is the ceiling, and shows where the wiring for the light is. Rich has attatched a small piece of wire to the square connector block, then pushed everything except the lead wire up into the ceiling to be plastered over.

Later, when he came to fit the light, he just gently pulled this through, the connector block came through behind it, and the hole was neat, square and small.

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