Saturday, August 25, 2007

Piping and so on....


When I returned from Wales on the Monday, I discovered that Rich and the lovely Ivan had done a very tidy job of the piping, the boiler was on the wall, and we were well on our way to hot water.

The one that goes up the wall is the gas pipe for the cooker hob. It's a bayonet fitting, so it is simple to move the cooker out for cleaning and so on. The others are the hot water feeds, all soldered joints, all neatly done!
And the most excellent boiler. I was reluctant to have a combi boiler, it's a Ravenheat one, and so far it's been excellent. The dials ect are clear to use, the response is amazingly quick, and it is much more energy efficient than the previous boiler. The heating is practically immediate to the radiators, and we have already noticed a couple of things that we really like, like being able to set the radiator temperature separately to the hot water temperature, meaning we can have lovely hot radiators, but set the hot water to a temp which won't scald anyone, or mean we have to put cold water into a bath to counter water which we just spent money and resources heating.

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