Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back on the ish wagon

Well, I have been quite unenvironmentally sound recently, by our standards, and it's mainly through a lack of movement caused by the arthritis, and the fact that that gets me down a bit really. In combination with The Wedding Of The Millenium, and The Funeral Day it's been tricky. Emotionally I've been slightly bleah, especially when the stress (and yes, it was surprisingly stressful) of the Return Of The Man From The Desert Lands and the resultant change in attitude and behaviour of the She-Ex and He-Ex.

But we are starting a new environmental leaf, so to speak. And there are things that must be done. I've restarted paying attention to what goes in the bin. I've started cooking more from scratch again and it's all good. I shall keep you informed, oh blog of mine. I tend to use selfsufficientish.com quite a lot for ideas and help, and recently bought the Selfsufficientish Bible which I am really enjoying, as is the Adorable Child, and we have lots of things to make!

Laters people. Off to play with the new phone.

And of course the Olympics beckon.........

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