Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of looking at......

Right now we are doing lots of looking at stuff.

We are looking at bokashi bins.
We are looking at cats. (and may have found a pair!)
We are looking at setting up the office properly.
We are looking at carpeting the office with what was going to go down here, and reflooring down here with wood.
We are looking at shelving.

We are looking at lots of stuff. But it's when you look deeply at anything that the environmental considerations become apparent.

For example - bokashi bins. Great idea. I really want to do this, I think it'll work for us, I think that this is a practical solution to our composting difficulties and my inherent abhorance of going out in the cold and wet to put potato peelings in the compost. Plus, I can compost more things this way. They are here and really look to be the solution. But I'm trying to factor in the cost of them coming here, in terms of miles, find a local supplier, so we can pick them up on the way to somewhere as opposed to having them posted, and so on.

I suppose the question is, how concious should I be? What are the biggest considerations as far as your environmental life is concerned?

The cat's are easy - they are coming from the local Cat's Protection place. Recycled? lol! There is a slight difficulty in that the enormous boy pair that I like are long hairs, and the little girl pair that we both liked are only from down the road to us and so may try and return home - literally it's within a mile.

The rest of it, well, R has said that all of his time and energy are going to go on making me happy in this home because he knows I'm not at the moment. How wonderful is that?

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