Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mundane Monday?

Monday was not the best day I every could have had.

It was not the best day we ever could have had.

I apparently have started the laziest starter in the world, although it has only had 17 of it's 24 hours as yet, so I shall keep an eye on it this morning. It came from here and seems to make sense. I shall update as the day progresses.

I achieved nothing in the house except cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Actually, as I write that, it is quite a lot, especially as I made spag bol as well, and had enough meat sauce stuff left over to make lasagne this morning which is cling wrapped and ready for Wednesday night.

The AC and I also went for a looooooong walk to town to get the parcel which was indeed the bits for the Range Rover. We played in the park on the way home and eventually had sandwiches for lunch around 2pm!

And as a finale for yesterday, just as R got stuck into fixing the Rangy, the AC rolled off the sofa (in the midst of rolly pollying *on* the sofa) and smacked his head on his play table, which promptly came up so fast he nearly split the skin. I shouted R, he came in right away, and we put peas on it until it started to go down. AC was very quiet, not crying, nothing. We decided that if he wasn't interested in his tea than we would take him up to A&E, but he ate like a horse, and then perked up a lot, so he's fine.


And now he's put the TV on, turned it onto the Olympics, and said "Look, the Olympics is on, would you like to watch it? and please may I use the puter?"

Got to love him......

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