Sunday, August 17, 2008

Of fish and finances.

Well, we went out and got the fish and they are gorgeous and great and less than a tenner for all 12.

Right now, that matters.

The tanks we have had sitting around for a while, one I bought when he and I were first together, and then I decided I was going to buy a house and we decided that it was unlikely he would be staying in the box that he had been forced into, so there was no point in setting it up.

Both tanks are now set up as tropicals, with Danio's swimming about in them looking rather lovely.

This was the tank that the Danio's and the Golden Sucking Loaches were in at the fish shop. Fabulous, fabulous fish shop. Walsoken Aquatics, if you happen to be around this way and need fish.

They had some huge reef tanks and so on there as well, but that's a long way and a different house away for us.

Finances, are just tricky. R didn't get paid the bonus that he was supposed to for being away, and in fact got stiffed a bit. That meant that not only were we well out of pocket following the wedding and the hotel and the car hire and so on, but that we couldn't make the child support payment that we voluntarily make to the She-Ex. There wasn't the money. It couldn't happen. I said I would try and see if we could make it out of my wages, but we can't. Basically, I used to pay it out of my wages, and then she had one hissy fit too many, and wanted nothing to do with me, so I stopped paying it and it went from his wages instead, and I paid a couple of extra bills from mine instead of his. No problems.

The money isn't there, so we can't send it to her. When the work sort everything out and we get the money, then we can send it. There you go!

R is back to work tomorrow after his few days off, and the cat people come on Tuesday to see about Joe's home visit to live here. The part for the Range Rover should be here tomorrow, if it wasn't already here on Saturday - we missed the postman and then the post office, so the AC and I will pick up the parcel tomorrow and see what it is.

And I'm to bed soon - I've had very bad stomach in the night, I won't distress anyone with details, but something I had eaten had not agreed with me at all. I've slept most of the day, R has taken care of me and the AC, and life has been drowsy and sofa based. AC has been fabulous, lovely and snuggly and caring.

I have a great life.

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