Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Derek and Clive for us.

The pair of cats that we thought we might have found to live here turn out to be excellent mousers and not fond of small children. Reluctantly, we have decided that they are not the cats for us, even though we had already mentally renamed them in our heads (yes, Derek and Clive of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore creation - they looked like Pete and Dud, what can I say?)

So tomorrow we head over to the CPL again, to see what animals they have available. I know it would be easier just to get kittens, but we don't have a house suitable for kittens, nor a lifestyle suitable for them. And we refuse to make them fit our lives, making them unhappy in the process, when the perfect place for Derek and Clive is out there somewhere, and the perfect cats for us are in there somewhere.

The AC is cool about it, he's a very mature and understanding little boy, who I was told today was an utter credit to me. We were out in a coffee shop, having had a major disappointment in being turned away from the pool because it was full until 4pm, and he was calm, not all sobbing and trantruming, just gently disappointed and secure in the knowledge that as soon as I could take him I would!

I made a phonecall home, and it was all sorted. We went to the later swimming session, and got home to find that R had made tea for us. Quality bloke. He was disappointed not to have come swimming with us, but he says he will next time. Once again, a few hours away from the He-Ex, and the AC and R have an excellent relationship, playing snakes and ladders with the stone minibeasts we made, arranging to go to aircraft museums together and so on. Oh well.

Off to bed for me now. Busy day tomorrow!

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