Saturday, August 16, 2008

There will be no Derek and Clive, but there will be a Joe.

Joe is a big, fat-to-the-point-of-being-on-a-diet tabby, who was left behind by his owners the first time he came to the cat place, (don't even start me on the selfish, lazy, STUPIDNESS, of people who won't take care of an animal when they move) and was then rehomed. Unfortunately, his new owner then became ill and went blind, meaning that she couldn't have Joe anymore, and he was back to the cat place again. He is also FIV positive, which is fine, just makes him an indoor cat. Sorted! He can't be with other cats because of the FIV, but he's cool. He loves having a fuss made of him, he approached the AC as opposed to the other way around, R thought he was fabulous, we're sorted!

I have a busting head today though. Off to find the Beechams. Then we're out on the bike to pick up the fish, as the Range Rover blew a hose yesterday on the way back from the cat place. It's all cool, we've ordered the parts, R will fix it, no worries. Just a pain in the rear as we have things to do that involve getting all three of us somewhere, and that *can't* be done on a bike.

We're talking about taking the tarp off of Ellie and starting her. As soon as I pass my test, she's my beast.

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