Saturday, October 25, 2008

Return from Exile

I'm sneaking back in here on return from my self imposed exile. I just lost interest in the computer for a while, and in the world outside the 4 walls I live in for a while. It happens every now and again, usually at this time of year. It's no big deal. *shrug*

So what's been happening I hear no-one cry?

Got more fish. :-)
R is going away again. :-(
AC is now a very fluent reader, and on Stage 4 books. :-)
AC loves me nine hundred million seventy six thousand four hundred and eighty two and a half. :-)))))))
AC has started footy practice. I'd like to write an unkind post about his tears caused by his father at his first footy practice, but I won't.
He-Ex has given up work to look after his mother apparently.
She-Ex has an *amazing* new job that she is *very damned good* at, but which she uses as an excuse to mess the phone calls around to suit her, as well as telling us that the BG wants nothing to do with us, and knows nothing about us. Even whilst in computer exile we blogged to her at least once a week. I don't think she gets to hear them. And her school report was shocking - the drop over the summer showed that nothing effective was done at home. Anyway.

I'm trying to FLY again. We'll need to! I've begun a CJ which is more pared down than the last monstrosity.

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