Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Returning once more

I shall make an effort to keep up with this blog, as there are often things I think about that I would like to write about, and I don't because I forget I have somewhere to put them.

For example today, there is Nothing from The Dark Side. The She-Ex went 9 different colours of ballistic the other week, for no real reason other than she always does this around her birthday because she feels old and that her life is slipping away blah blah blah. I tried hard to be friendly like we used to be, but nada, never mind, her choice. So we've emailed and blogged to the Beautiful Girl, as we always do.


The original blog I sent just after Christmas said about the presents, but the fact that we couldn't send BG pictures of what she sent (indeed, what she thought she had sent was very different to what actually turned up - she thought she'd sent hand made things.....) So the BG leaves a comment (one of the 4 she's left in 3 years) to say that she wants to know where the pictures of what she sent us are. So I emailed her and her mother to explain, again, what was happening, that we were searching for software that would allow us to convert the file formats into something she could watch, and that R was working on how to get single frame shots from the video and save them as pictures.

Cue rudeness, sillyness, and bad language. If she is *this* potty mouthed in her emails, then what does the BG grow up with?

So then R sends her some questions about how BG is. No answer. For 2 days. So I resend them from my account in case they haven't gone through. Cue rudeness and so on, and cries of "I'm busy" - aren't we all love? She's just got a proper job for the first time since she's been there, is making "great" money (good, she'll need it!) and is stressing about it all. TBH, aren't we all like that?

Eventually she answers the questions, after being rude to me on MSN for a while.

Then there's a whole load of rubbish between her and R about the alleged divorce, which, tbh, may or may not ever happen because even though she left she wants to stay married (WEIRD!)
And following all that and the discussion about solicitors and so on, she lets us know that BG is not well. She has a poorly tummy. So the She-ex is giving her Sprite. Which I disagree with but that is beside the point. There's a brief exchange between her an R in which she claims America doesn't have paracetamol (yes they do, under a variety of names!) and since then, nothing. Oh, there was a phonecall, after he called R on Saturday to see how she was.

Finish this later

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