Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off to bed...

..... I am so tired that my head might just fall off right now.



It did.

So now it's bedtime. Another almost productive school work evening, finished off with playing a game with R.

Oh, ok, and I watched ANTM. That wasn't productive, but it was funny. The photographers make me laugh and the pictures are so lovely. I don't understand fashion at all, never have, probably never will do. I know I'll never be as fat as I was when I was having the AC, and hopefully never as big as I was when I first met R, but I never want to be as body obsessed as these women.

(Did I mention the size 12 petite suit? Not that it matters, clearly..... And the fact that there was a LOT of room at the waist.... Again, it's not important lol!)

And so to bed.

After feeding the cat, hamster, guinea pig, 3 fishtanks and the cray called Dave.

Snuggle time is on it's way!

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