Tuesday, February 24, 2009


... I didn't get chance to post yesterday, because life was a little hectic. And that's ok, it's just hectic. Which meant that when I finally sat down around 9pm, having started around 6am, I went to sleep on the sofa! Rock and Roll!

We had an exciting staff meeting (which I think is an oxymoron) about APP, which should be either brilliant, or an utter waste of time and paperwork. Obviously there's more paperwork. There's always more paperwork. It sould be brilliant though and it should enable the end of SATs if the govt can be convinced that teachers actually know what they are talking about and can actualy do their jobs. Which we can. Very well. Thankyou, so much.

Home life was good yesterday as well. The AC went to Kuk Sool Won, which was heaving yesterday, and did really well. His kicks and blocks are coming on nicely, although R is going to carry on working on him with his hand positions as getting it right now will improve things in the future for him. He's excited about moving up a group, getting a proper Do Bok (must ckeck spelling of that!) and white belt. He knows it's not until he's six though.

R and I were mapping out how things will work for us, and it all seems very doable, so that side of things all looks very exciting as well. We've always had plans for the future, and at just about 3 years together it seems right to start to put them into operation! Once his divorce comes through, if it ever does, then we can move forward a bit more, but if it doesn't, we're going to carry on anyway! We've spent long enough thinking about how other people think now, and getting so little back in return it's ludicrous.

Enough! Says we! Onwards and Upwards!

Speaking of Up, I should go and shift his Lordship. He's on another course (there's a series of them on the way! YAY!) which means later into work thankfully. For him. Not for the AC and I.

I did the postit note thing, and I shall get on with that tonight if I get chance.

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