Thursday, February 26, 2009


*Beware - this post contains moaning, complaining, and general misery* (but it'll probably end on a happy note, so buckets may be required.)


I woke up this morning, with weirdness. Over the last couple of days I've had a slightly stiff neck which has worked it's way loose by around 8am. So a couple of hours, max. Yesterday it was barely there.

Today, oh m'word, it was there. I was leaning my head to one side, (the left!) and couldn't actually straighten it up. It was funny, in a painful kind of way. The pain extended from my right ear, across my neck, and down my right shoulder to the bottom of the shoulderblade. By playtime, it was across both shoulders, and I couldn't move my head at all, which made the children concerned, until I laughed about it, and then they laughed. I phoned the doc at break, and they squeezed me in at lunchtime with the On-Call team.

And then, at around 1130, I got the hiccups. I have never had bizarre pain like it. It's practically impossible to hiccup without moving my shoulders, and yet moving hurt like a thump with a tenderiser to the spine. I could not wait to get to the doc.

Lovely nurse on call said I had this.

Acute (sudden onset) primary torticollis. This is sometimes called 'wry neck'. A torticollis is when the head becomes twisted to one side and it is very painful to move the head back straight. Most cases are thought to be due to a minor injury or poor posture while sleeping which causes one or more muscles on one side of the neck to go ito 'spasm'. The pain and spasm usually ease and clear away over a few days without any treatment. Occasionally, torticollis is due to more serious causes.

She said to take Nurophen, 400mg every 4 hours (must take some now!) and co-codamol if the pain is bad. TBH, I'll leave that bit, I don't need painkillers, and if I did I'd be off work, and as I'm not off work unless I'm dead or have no voice, then I'll be fine. Work is for doing, and going to.

R has been so considerate and lovely this evening, even though the battery went on the car at Tesco and he had to get a jump to get back, but we had friends we could call on, and they helped us out, which was super. But he has run me a bath, helped me undress, brought me a dressing gown, cleared up tea, all kinds of things that he usually does some of, but tonight he did all of it. He's amazing and I am so lucky!

On top of walking like Quasimodo today, the AC's teacher came into me in the middle of Circle Time to tell me that the AC had bumped his head, it was coming out like an egg, and Mrs Y was dealing with him. That was cool, because I was able to ask her to tell Mrs Y that as long as the bump was coming out, that was ok, if he didn't have a bump then we needed to keep a REALLY close eye on him. He must have heard me, because he had a lovely sized bump and was absolutely fine this evening, scoffing down lots of tea. I wanted to put some arnica on it, but we're out of it, so I must get some. In fact, I must get a whole load of stuff for home medicine. Any ideas?

And so to bed!

And that's my day!

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