Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another day....

.... another flipchart!

I've done the chart for this morning, and this afternoon is music and RE with Mr Turner.

I think this way of planning and working could be really good for me, really focus me to do things. It's just, again, having the time.

I've planned 3 hours of work.
It's taken an hour (partly because I knew where some of the stuff was from yesterday and partly because I am quicker now)
Marking will take around an hour.

2 hours work for 3 hours learning is much less time that usual! Problem is, it's not on a planning sheet or anything yet, but I can work on all that.

The AC had a good night and still isn't up. I'll go and wake him in a while.
The house looks like a bomb has gone off, so that's what I'll be doing straight after school tonight. I'm aiming to get a lift back with Mr T and then get straight on with the house, do tomorrows flipchart, and then be able to actually have a relaxing evening without guilt tonight.

That's relaxing, not collapsing.

Off we go then!

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