Friday, March 6, 2009

Bath! Yay!

I love baths.

It's a fact. I love them. Tonight's bath was a simple one, with my weekly Sunkist (out of the can - I can't drink it if I see it lol!) a pack of smokey bacon crisps, and some chocolate rasins. And a copy of Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals"

1 hour later, there's no crisps, no sunkist and no choc raisens, and the book is finished.

I get out, and discover that even though he said he was getting my dressing gown, he got his, which is bigger and warmer, and so I am snugged up on the sofa, watching Ace of Cakes, which is one of the funniest programmes I ever sit and watch. Duff Goldman makes this enormous amazing cakes, and tbh, there always looks like there is so little cake involved, and quite a lot of icing and carpentry. I still wouldn't say no though.

And you'd never see any of his cakes on cake wrecks.

Easy, gentle, simple and fun.

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