Friday, March 6, 2009

Mmmmmmm! Pub tea!

Ah..... Friday!

I've been looking forward to today all week. It has been an eventful day, with me getting irritated with the projector situation in my classroom (long story, won't bore you with the details!) and dealing with the sleeping child situation from yesterday.

R turned up in school to pick me up and took me out for tea. Only to the local Wetherspoons, but I was able to get school off my chest without bringing it home, he had a few things he wanted to get off his chest, and now we're home, and chilling out together, and that means.....


*happy sigh*

A weekend at home, with the man, on Sunday with the boy, no major plans to go anywhere or do anything unless we go and pick up a bookcase and filing cabinet and so on from my lovely brother.

So the plan tonight.

Play some WoW.
Mark the Art books.
Plan the SEN stuff.

Tomorrow - recreate the Literacy planning and Numeracy planning.
Make shortbread (although I might do this tonight as the man does love his shortbread - he loves anything properly homecooked really!)
Make lemon cake.
Make lemon biscuits (we have a lot of lemons!)
Sort the front room
Washing/Drying/folding etc.

All done ready to spend time with R when he gets up (probably going to be a late one tonight waiting for the BG call) and then with the AC when he gets home.

It's all good! Life this week has been, overall, jolly good.

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