Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogging on a quote

"We do not write in order to be understood. We write in order to understand." - Cecil Day Lewis

I found this quote earlier, on the children's poetry archive website, and it explains to me why I blog in the way I do. I don't write for anyone else's benefit, I write for mine, and in writing, I see the words on the screen and it is sometimes a surprise to me that they say what they say.

I write with my inner censor turned off. (aside from in the blogging about sex post which could have got very TMI if I had turned my inner censor *right* off!) and so what comes out almost bypasses my conciousness, and thus is a direct feed from my real feelings. And yes, I am perturbed by just how rambling a lot of my writing is lol!

I am not writing on here, wanting anyone else to understand me, or seeking validity of my feelings or thoughts from external sources. It is not a place to showcase my family, or my achievements, in a boastful fashion, but more a place to be proud of what they have achieved. We are happy with the little things in this house, Lord alone knows how we'll manage the big things, but He wouldn't give us more than we could bear, so that's all there is to say about that lol!

I'm hoping to start proper writing again soon. It's been a while since I wrote anything properly, and since I've been blogging on a regular basis, I can feel the urges again, like a tickle in the back of my mind. I like writing, I'm good at writing, and I'm good with words, most of the time.

We'll see.

There is another blog to write tonight as well, but I need to do work first, then blog some more later.

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