Sunday, March 22, 2009

This blog is easy...

... it's the other one that's hard right now.

I write, as I've mentioned before, a blog for BG every week, so that she knows what we have and haven't been up to. We don't have hugely exciting lives - there's not the money for that - but we do family stuff and we tell her anything that we would tell the AC. And the AC is here, so anything he's done is reasonable to go in it, but is it?

We get very little response from BG about the blog. Some weeks she sees it, some weeks we're not so sure. But even so, there are things I don't put in there. There are wonderful pictures this week of R and the AC messing about with AC's bike, sorting out the brakes and the seat and so on. And I didn't send them to her, because if I was her, I wouldn't want to see the kind of closeness that AC and R have. If I was her, I'd be thinking, "That's *my* Daddy!" but I don't even know if she thinks like that, because she was so young when she was moved so far away from him. There's things that R does here, and in the back of his head I can see him thinking that he should be doing this with BG as well - like showing her how to do the brakes on a bike, and so on. Today, after doing all the stuff on the bike, R and AC suddenly disappeared, without saying anything, and they'd gone for a quick trip up the road to test the bike. They started the day with surprises for me that AC had made and R had hidden. And I know he wants to do this with BG and right now, maybe he never will. And apparently that's fair...

Bizarrely though, the She-Ex wished me a happy mothering Sunday, so I thanked her, via R, and she now says we have to work things out so we can be civil to one another. I've never had a problem with being civil to her, she's the one who ends up cussing and blaming it all on me. We'll see. We've been here before. I'd like it to work out, but I don't know if I can put R and BG through it again.

And so to GotPM and bed. Snuggle times with the man. Making the most of them, I most surely am.

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