Thursday, March 12, 2009

Job done!


I've just stitched the top of the dice bag so that I can run the cord around it and then it's done. It looks good, in a green bag like way!

It's been nice, because R and I have sat, opposite each other at the table, him on WoW, me sewing, and just chatting, about life and the universe and everything really. I love spending time with him like that. Just being.

There doesn't seem enough time in the world, just to *be*.

I'm sleepy, but not exhausted, which is good. The blood test results are back and I don't have RA, which is excellent news. Regardless of what it is, the last few days I have felt a lot better - tired, for sure, but a lot more mobile, which is good. It's never stopped me working, and it never will - it'd take a darned sight more than that lol!

And now I'm going to help sort dice for the bag :-)

It is so good to feel so totally loved and appreciated for such a small thing as sewing a drawstring dicebag.

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