Saturday, March 14, 2009

Me and Joe, tucked up.

Joe is trying to get me to fuss him. I'm trying to get him to lie down if he's staying (which he won't because actually, he's looking for R) but he's not having any of it.

Today was weird, because it felt like a holiday day, where the AC and I are off and R is at work. The boy and I had a lovely day, we fought with lightsabers, we made cakes, we went to his Kuk Sool Won class (he did quite well today, his focus is really improving.) we played, we snuggled on the sofa watching Ben10 Alien Force - and were mutually disapproving of love and romance in a children's show that is about aliens. The AC's comment was that if he wanted to know about that kind of stuff he'd watch Hannah Montana or Bratz, because they are girls programmes. He is very much amused by the idea that I have a boyfriend, and that it's R, and that R has a girlfriend, and it's me, and that we ....... gentle readers look away......... we do kissing and stuff. (a subtle inquiry into what "stuff" was was answered by him telling me it was girlfriend and boyfriend stuff, like going to the cinema and holding hands when we walked and stuff like that.

I digress.

We sorted out washing, we dried washing, we matched up socks, we threw socks at each other and buried the AC in washing. Just because.

At the end of the day we had bath and snuggles and bagels for tea, and I had to wash cake mix out of his hair where he had decided to take me literally and see if he could really lick the bowl out. (Yes, almost, for anyone who wondered!)

A and D and H came round to watch a film and chat and stuff which was cool. We usually game on a Saturday night, but with the boys away, and C away in Texas, there was no gaming tonight nor next week. But everyone except C is home tomorrow, and Mum and Dad are coming round and so on. I've made big strides in the bedroom and the rest of the sorting should be much easier. Mainly, it's clothes I've grown ...... out of I guess, although I'm smaller than they are, if you see what I mean! I got the otterman upstairs, so all his uniform can go in that, and then it's out of the way and all on one place.

And so to bed.

With cat, and his t-shirt and pillow. Soppy, I know, but you should see the texts I've had! It's not just me, that's all *I'm* saying! Short absences like this are bad because we miss each other, but great for refocusing us on what is important in our relationship with each other. It's the little touches, like I said last night.


34 and sound like a teenager.

LOL. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I love feeling like a teenager in love. When I'm pregnant, for some reason, I feel this way, and I savor every moment.
Sounds like you and your boy had a fun day together. I cannot wait to have light-saber fights with my little guy. :)