Sunday, March 15, 2009

Plans for the day!

It looks like it's going to be a busy day today - by choice obviously. I could choose to leave the washing up in the sink and the clothes unfolded, but I'm choosing not to lol! I could choose to go buy chemical filled shop bread and plastic sauces, but I don't! Mum and Dad are coming round later for tea, and the boys are home late afternoon.

So today - baking



change bed sheets
finish sorting the bedroom
dining room table ready for tea
little table in the front room.
hoover through.
washing, more washing, again with the washing, (can you tell the washing really piled up lol!)
clean animals out
test fish water and do changes if necessary.
wipe kitchen surfaces and doors.
Fridge boogie.

On top of that we'll be going to church, AC and I will be heading to town for his choice of lunch (my money is on Burger King, which is fine, because a) we rarely have that kind of thing with him, b) everything else he eats is home cooked c) I have vouchers for there!) and then home via Sainsbury's for jam (Next year I'm going to make my own - or try to!) eggs, milk, ham, (neither of which I am in a position to raise myself right now, but one day!) and then home to bake.

The boys will be home at some point in the afternoon apparently. Probably hungry. Definitely thirsty.

I also need to mark the literacy books, the art books, plan the SEN provision, check the diary for when I'm out, change the fridge calendar, plan the menu and write the shopping list (most of it will come from the freezer) write the literacy and numeracy plan, fill in my copy of the School Development Plan, and make sure everyone has kit and uniform for tomorrow - 1 x swimming kit, 2 x PE kit, 2 x uniform (different ones, obviously!) 3 x undies, and trousers and top for me (it's P.E. for me tomorrow as well!)

Oh, and snuggle the child, possibly watch Wall-e (if we have the time and the tv on that much!) and make sure his homework is done and ready to be handed in. Thursdays gets done the day we get it because he comes home with me, but Fridays often gets left til today.

The email has kicked back in after the server updates yesterday, and all there was was a couple of comments about the blog (thanks Hyacynth!) and an eletricity bill from e.on after we sent in the meter readings. It's a mahooooosive one, but we'll manage to sort it. We used the electric and gas, we should be paying for it lol!

Anyway, I had better get started on this list of things to do. He needs to come home to a tidy house, homecooked food and a welcoming atmosphere - same as I always try for him to do! The welcoming atmosphere is always there anyway. I've missed him such a lot this time, and from the texts last night, he's been missing me more than usual too! With any luck we'll both go next year.

*sigh* Miss him.......... Not much longer.

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