Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ok, you caught me!

I didn't go and do anything yet apart from have another drink. And play with the blog settings a bit.

The background came from a lovely free selection at aquapoppy (See button at the top of my page for the link!) and the colours are just what I was playing with whilst on here.

The clouds remind me of the kind of drawing I do (talented artist I am *not*!) and also of those bubble things that teachers put around words.

The writing looks more subtle, "less in-yer-face" than before, and the whole thing just seems more gentle.

I am, regardless of what others try to make me, at heart, a gentle and loving person, who just wants to be left alone to do what she wants to do. Nothing I do intentionally hurts other people, it's not in my nature lol! It's easy enough to do, because I have a good mastery of words, but, as I say to the children all the time at school, it's not kind.

Our motto is THINK before you speak.

What we are going to say needs to be :


If it's not going to be at least 1 of those things, then don't say it!

(On the other hand, this is my blog and I retain the right to Freedom of Speech!)

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