Saturday, March 7, 2009


That's how I feel. That warm delicious moment of waking up snuggled up to the man I love has come downstairs with me, and is wrapped around me like a blanket. I would have stayed in bed a bit longer, (I know! Past 7am!) but my bladder and the cat combined got me up in the end.

It's set to be a third gorgeous spring day here. The kind of days I love. Cold, but brisk and bright with sunshine and promise. I have snowdrops and bulbs to plant in the garden, I have washing on already that may go out on the line, I have bread to make and books to mark and the day is going to be full of the smells of baking as I bake for the couple of weeks ahead.

We're thinking about getting a chest freezer so that I can bake/make ahead and then just get good, proper meals out of the freezer without spending hours in the kitchen every night. It's just as easy to make 6 lasagnes as 2, or 6 shepherds pies as 2, and I could freeze the biscuit dough I make and so on. It's just space really. We're going to be moving into the big bedroom upstairs, it's been decided, and we'll share that space with books and so on. I like a bedroom just to have a bed in it, but on the other hand, I can, and do, sleep anywhere. That would leave the middle bedroom free as a guest room for visitors, which would be lovely.

We also had the chance to get rid of the black rangy for a swap with a Volvo estate, but I'm not sure that will come off now. Events are conspiring against it, and therefore we will probably listen to events for various reasons!

I ought to find some clothes and get dressed and so on I know, but I'm enjoying just sitting, (still in his dressing gown from last night lol!) feeling warm and sleepy and smily. I'll probably post randomly throughout the day, or I might not post at all! Who knows! I'm thinking about my next "giving (up)" post, which is going to be interesting I think!

It's all good!

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