Monday, March 30, 2009

The plan for tonight.,,,,

The AC has had a slightly poorly belly, so we didn't go to KSW and he was confined to toast for his tea. It's something he's eaten (I can tell by the ........ well, you don't want to know really!) and I suspect it is mandarin oranges for lunch. I'll let the cook know and I'll try him with some at home in a controlled environment at some point!

It's now 8pm.
AC is in bed.
Cat is fed.
Guinea pig and Mini pig are fed.
Fish lights are on.

I need to:
empty the dishwasher,
put the washing on,
reload the dishwasher
wipe around the sink
find the living room floor
plan tomorrow mornings lessons (PPA in the afternoon! Hurray!)
mark the literacy books to take back
plan the rest of the weeks lessons.

Should take no time at all lol!

I've also spoken with R, settling in ok, and I've emailed BG to let her know that he's settling in ok and all is well in his world.

I wonder what you are doing tonight Dear Reader?

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