Tuesday, March 17, 2009

UP and dressed and ready to go!

... at 5.45 am!

I'm impressed! I was only out of bed at 5.30. Animals are fed, fish are checked, all I have to do is sit and mark. And write this, which has become one of the most cathartic parts of my day.

Two of the most cathartic parts - morning and evening.

It's nice though, just to sit. Although I think I can hear small feet on the stairs and a tiny sniffle. I can. He sneaks down, pretends I can't see him, then I act all surprised to see him on the sofa and we pretend he was there ALL NIGHT! There's a variety of different reasons, sometimes involving watching films late at night, or aliens or burglars that he defended the house from and so on. Nothing out of the ordinary there lol!

Pain-wise, my official lack of RA is fine, because I have an official lack of symptoms. I have been pain free for 3 days now, which I think indicates that the curse is lifted lol! I know it flares up every now and again, and I can live with flaring up chronic pain better than I can with constant aching. Mind you, I think the weight loss is helping as well, just to take the pressure off of the joints.

(It was the small person - very tired and content to doze on the sofa for a little while! I predict a breakfast request in 3.................... 2........................ 1................................. NOW!)

BG-wise, there was no phonecall last night. *sigh* and a stroppy email last night apparently. There's one in the inbox now, but it's his mail so it can wait until he gets up. Somehow I doubt it's an apology for not letting his daughter speak to him. More likely that somehow all this is our fault for daring to phone and request to speak to the child lol! Bah and piffle! As long as she had a ncie time, that's what matters to us. I did her blog last night, but R didn't send the link yet. Which is cool and froody!


Time to get on!

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