Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long day

And a longer one ahead tomorrow.

*sigh* But it's ok, as schools become more of a service industry and less of a vocation, it's what we will come to expect. It's all rights rights rights with parents and no acknowledgement of their damn responsibilities. Never mind, it'll all blow over, and then, oh, how we'll laugh! lol!

Madasafish are still having issues, but that's ok, all it means is that we can't send email, although we can receive it. This mornings email was a grumpy one from the She-Ex, expecting an apology from us for the BG going out I think! I'm not sure. Whatever, the phone wasn't answered when it should have been, and then she'd gone out, so *shrug* yet more things put in the way of their relationship. We've done what we can. And whilst I could email her from my yahoo email account, I'm not allowed to, because that's what she wanted - and pretty much, she always gets what she wants. LOL.

Cross country was good - I watched with a large group of children as we stormed everything!

I had more to write, but I am so tired I might just go to bed. If I fire the laptop up in bed no doubt you'll see more drivel from me, if not, well, never mind. I'm sure you'll cope.

Night night.

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