Sunday, April 26, 2009

And the lovely weekend continues.

The lovely weekend did indeed continue, right to the weather!

I got up, got some work done, AC got up, we snuggled, we watched peculiar tv, we ate, we did stuff. I cleaned the bathroom, changed the cats box, did the dishwasher.

We went outside to go to church, and found a bakers dozen of eggs on the wheelie bin from the lovely people next door.

We went to church, which was good, although he was wriggly today.

He knew we were going out, but I refused to tell him where. He knew that the baby had been born, but also knew we weren't going over there for a while as *I* tend to feel that newborns need space and not too much stimulation, not to mention that the new mother does not need to be charging around making tea!

We drove to the computer shop to see how much R's computer will be to fix. Not for us the joy of the American system which gives you your tax back each year in a nice lump sum *sigh* so it'll have to wait. But we can work together on stuff, so it's cool. It's a partnership lol!

We drove away from the computer shop and out of town and the AC got really excited. He was trying really hard to work it out, and in the end we went to another town locally to watch Dragonball Evolution, which was ace. It has some completely pants reviews, but it is a super film for children and the comic book generation. We had lunch out together before that.

It is impossible, apparently, to get a plain ham sandwich without difficulty these days. I shall blog upon this later, no doubt pontificating as I do! Anyway.

I had popcorn, AC had icecream, and R had Nachos. Nummy! AC sat between us, and it was so cool to be me and watch them chatting before the film, then R touching AC's arm in the scary bits to make sure that he was ok, (AC does the big eyed not moving thing that I do when he's scared. R knows that face! He took care of the situation.)

We walked back to the car, chatting and playing about and having a good time, and when we got into the car, R flicked the radio on, and it was playing Carly Simon's "Nobody does it better" and it was so, so true.

I've got a whole post planned for that in a moment.

But we drove back, and life was so nearly perfect.

We got home, chilled out together, discussed the film, drank tea, looked at the new baby on the webcam, and just enjoyed being together.

Fabulous weekend.

(See - I left the last post completely behind me!)

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