Sunday, April 26, 2009

And the world returns to how we recognise it.

Yep. Serves me right for thinking that she was really being lovely about things these days.

It wasn't a nice email full of what BG has been doing, it was snidey and why haven't you replied to me before ? (Umm - Because he was back on Friday and he's been busy - besides, there's nothing to say, and she hasn't replied to ANYTHING I've sent BG, nor the blogs, nor, well, anything. Moving on.)

So then she phones, after we have been back, and he speaks to BG who is very upset about something, and doesn't really want to talk to Daddy, and then the She-Ex gets back on the phone and it is rant and rave and cry and apparently it's all our fault that BG is struggling at school. REALLY? Hmmm.


Do continue.

And that BG isn't the same as "superperfect" AC. Don't you start on my boy lady.... he has nothing to do with this situation. Yes, he's amazing and wonderful, but you cannot compare the children - they have different upbringings, different cultural expectations, and different lives. Oh yeah and.....


(I know, if her *friend* reads this to her then she's going to moan like fury, but as she wasn't going to be having them do that any more, and it's MY blog, then it will be fine. Unless she lied about reading this, in which case it's her own fault!)

The thing is, this ranting went on for ages. R finished the phonecall, and she phoned back! Just to continue having a go! So there was a real danger of our lovely gorgeous afternoon being ruined, and, whilst large parts of me want to say it was on purpose, most of me doesn't. She wouldn't think like that. And not just because she doesn't think about other people at all, but because I have to believe that she wouldn't choose to put BG through that on purpose. No child needs to hear her mother shouting at her father because she's finding it hard to read. Talk about providing the self-fulfilling prophecy!

However, I felt so sorry for R. He was desparately trying to keep the anger away from the AC. He ended up sat in the bathroom for a while, and then was upstairs when she phoned again so that AC didn't think that R was angry at him. Of course AC picked up the tension in the house, but we both reassured him, and loved him and so on, and he was fine about it all.



Anyway, I'm bored of this rant now, although I will never, ever be bored of the BG. I've got it out of my system, so I'm moving on to hoping she's over it, hoping that she's calmed down about it all too, and that we can work together on some kind of progress for BG. BG is so lovely. Her teacher is really forthcoming and helpful when she can be, but she is so busy (Of course she's busy - she's a teacher!) She-Ex is under so much pressure, that I can see why she loses her rag, but blaming us? Man, I wish it was our problem.


Let's get on to the good part of the day. Because there were some GREAT bits of our day, and I'm leaving all the rubbish here.

Bye bye now rubbish!

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