Friday, April 3, 2009

And we're calm!

Calm calm calm calm calm calm calm.

See my calmness!

I also have a new keyboard, which is fabulous and I love it so far. It also has a trackpad on it, so I want to take it into school and try it. If it works, then I'm going to get several for school and see how they are used, and then a couple more. Basically all the Juniors will have one and be expected to use them. They are so easy! They even have a dinky little touchpad on one side. I really, really like it.

As you can tell, I've chilled out now. I'm still irritated, but I'm desparately trying to be accepting and understanding of the situation. The main thing, I think, is egocentricity. The idea that the world revolves around a person and that persons thoughts and wishes and that the rest of the world should now kow tow to their desires.

Well, it's not going to happen. R and I have decided a few things, and we don't expect the rest of the world to like them, just to accept them, the same way we accept the rest of the world when it isn't to our liking.

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