Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bed time again

*wrote this last night - apparently so tired I never got around to posting it!*

Another week starts tomorrow.

AC had a fab time at the party, and in fact F's mother phoned to say could he stay a bit longer as he and F were having such a good time. I was so chuffed to hear that he was a delight to have around, that he has lovely manners and attitude and so on.

R and I had a nice afternoon getting his stuff sorted and I did some sewing, then took some pictures of him for BG and off he went. I did her blog, emailed her mother that she had the blog and with a video of the AC doing his grading. BG may or may not see it. Once again R tried to call before he left. Once again there was no answer. He now won't speak to his daughter until Friday, if anyone answers then. It's not right. But we are patient people.

This week looks chilled but busy. And I'm going to write about it tomorrow because suddenly I am very tired so I shall go to sleep whilst I feel this way, else I shall over do it and then stay away all ngiht.

Night night

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