Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am very happy, in a weird kind of way.

AC has gone off to a party, without me. I have placed my trust in the child's parents, in the AC, in R and in God that he will be safe. Sounds very dramatic when I put it like that, but essentially that's what I've done. R hasn't gone, he's packing to go away again, but he has faith in the AC to behave and to be careful, and I've given F's mother our number, so it's all good.

I reread my previous angry post, and I'm so glad I have this as a place to vent feelings like that. It meant I left the feelings there, didn't take them to church, didn't take them to the others of my gorgeous family, just left them in the security of here. And I don't really think she's all about the money, but sometimes the evidence as it is presented just looks that way. I hold onto a belief that she does want the best for BG, because without that belief, life would be appalling. But the She-Ex just doesn't think the way we do, or else there would be more photos, more contact, more information. Never mind. It's over for today, and I've left it here, and I'm sewing this afternoon without the anger in me.

I like that.

Blogging is a good thing!

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H F W said...

I feel this way *every* time I leave my little guy. Sigh. Must be a mommy thing. I'm just glad I have someone bigger than me to trust. God is obviously more powerful than I am. ;)

Glad you're feeling better. Also, thanks for the recommendations for the eczema. That sounds like a great treatment. I will report back after we've tried it.