Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Done it!

I've managed to get the blog badges onto the side bar. Only as pictures, but they are there. I'll do the html linking thing on the next one. Maybe.

I like NaBloPoMo. I like the idea of being vaguely accountable for blogging every day, and I have to say that I think it has improved my attitude. I can vent my frustrations on here, and not at real people. That has to be a bonus for everyone! (Except you Dear Reader, obviously, but if you don't like what's written here, feel free to click the X!)

This is now all of February and all of March that I have blogged through. April is now here. The theme is "Growing (UP)" and I shall expound upon it later with blatent pomopsity I expect. There are many things to write about on *this* subject!

However, it is 6.30. I have been up since 4.30. I have emailed the BG after hearing from her Daddy, wriiten the flipchart for today, blogged, move buttons around on my blog, cleaned the bathroom, down loaded backgrounds for activeprimary, fed the animals, fussed the cat, updated my Facebook, debated my reasons for not going to the leaving do at work (whole nother post!) and thought about how much I like my life.

In the next 30 mins I shall WiiFit my weight, stretch, shower, dress, wake the child, feed the child, throw clothes at the child, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, wipe the surfaces.

Ah ha! All the while I shall look suave and sophisticated and calm, like a little swan.


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Angharadz said...

I luv it - and thank you soo much for the smile - doing anything with pomopsity has got to be fun!!