Friday, April 10, 2009

It's bedtime.

Actually, it's long past bedtime.

R has just been able to get through, so we talked for a little bit, and then said our goodnights and put the phone down, secure in the knowledge that we will see each other tonight. Because it is tonight now lol!

I am fairly tired - it's been a long day. We got the bus to mum and dad's, which takes about 45 minutes, and then walked around, went to the place we usually go to for lunch, pottered about and then the bus that we were going to get to come home was 40 minutes late, so when we got into KL we got ourselves a Burger King for tea. It's once in a little while - usually once each holiday - so I don't mind that much. AC has been coughing again though, although he's ok tonight, tucked up under his 'jeans quilt'. He is determined that it has jeans from all of us in, although his were too small to get a decent sized patch out of. He was going over it tonight, deciding which were his jeans and which were mine and which were R's jeans. And how he didn't need the orange/bleachwhite towel which he has slept with almost every night that R has been away because he has R in his blanket, so we are all together after all!

Oh to have his feelings! I miss R like crazy. All I want is him home and normal stuff going on. Is that so much to ask?

Sleeptime. LOTs to do tomorrow so that Saturday we can have just us. Hopefully we're going out on the bike!

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