Friday, April 10, 2009

Starting the day with Wednesday lol

So I started the day by finishing a post I had never intended to actually post, and then posting it here

And I'm working on not so many hours sleep as I stayed up to finish something and to talk to R. He's home today, which is amazing, but we need to talk about some stuff, which will be slightly hard perhaps, but will make things better. It's dealing with baggage from the past really. He expects a certain reaction from me when he does a certain thing, and I do not react like his previous girlfriends.

(and no, we are not talking about sex here, although I'm not like them in that department either apparently lol!)

It's led to a couple of odd conversations in the past couple of days, where he is almost expecting me not to trust him, to be demanding where he's been and what he's been up to and how dare he go out with friends and so on. But I do trust him, if I ask it's because I'm interested, and I like him having friends, making new friends whilst away and so on. Heavens, we could hardly have the relationship we do if I didn't trust him - he spends half his life away! (But that is changing lol!)

So we'll deal with that. I want to get all my Saturday things done today so that tomorrow is just us. He said we'd go over and see the parents as well, on the bike, because he was concerned about them and the effort it would take Mum to get over here to bring Easter eggs for the AC and so on. He is so caring and considerate about my parents, especially my Mum.

And now Scooby-Doo is on, and my starting-to-be-coughing child is calling me for medicinal cuddles. I love him. I love R. I love my life.

Laters (and there will be laters - the AC leaves at 9am :-( )

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