Saturday, April 11, 2009

Out on the bike today!

I am so looking forward to going out on the bike with R today.

We are just going over to my parents (he's not convinced mum is ok to drive, but no doubt she'll phone and say she is lol!) to collect Easter eggs and so on. He likes spending time with my parents, which is nice, because I do as well! They like him, and accept him the way he is, which makes a big difference to his life.

Yesterday did not go to plan as my little nappette of 60 mins turned into a major sleep of almost 5 hours and I was asleep when he got in! However, he nipped to Tesco to get milk and so forth, and by the time he was back the kitchen was clean and the front room was started, (aside from CP's computer stuff which is all over the floor but is going some time this week.......) and tbh the whole downstairs is about 30 mins away from clean and tidy, so I'm not that bothered.

The bonus of him being back early was that he was able to phone the BG before she left on her trip, which was great, although she was distracted by going. We weren't sure if he would be able to talk to her after a series of not-very-helpful messages between the She-Ex and I yesterday. I had to ask the questions to get any information out of her after the initial email that came in response to me saying I didn't want to talk to her on the caravan/trailer issue. Never mind though. She has the hump because she doesn't know where R is during the week and what he's doing, but BG does. Well, BG was told because it directly affects her, so she was told, and she was excited about it. If she is choosing not to tell mummy because any talk of R upsets mummy, then that is not my problem. If mummy chooses not to ask, then that is not my problem. I haven't written about it on here, because I can't! He's RAF. Security is still an issue in this country at times (see the Easter raids) and so, weirdly enough, I have no intention of broadcasting where he is and what he's doing to the blogosphere, nor over easily intercepted email. So..................................................... tough!


Anyway R read through it all yesterday and was happy about what was said, accepted I'd just forstalled her looking for a row by saying I'm not talking about this, and then saying it again when she started to get wound up because I wouldn't tell her what was going on. I don't want to row with the She-Ex. I like her, when she's being nice, and I ignore her when she isn't, the same way I have for the last year, and it's been a much nicer year. I don't initiate contact (her mother forbade it lol!) but before then I hadn't initiated it for about 18 months. I will not be her emotional punching bag though, and if she wants a row she can look somewhere else for it, for a lot of reasons, but namely because it's better for the BG that there is no rowing between us. And after all, the BG is what matters to us, not the She-Ex, because she doesn't want to matter to us (she said!) and because she'll do what she likes anyway, (she said!)and because we don't matter to her (she said!) and their relationship is over lol!

Ex's are Ex's for a reason, as we say in this house and my word there are plenty of reasons from both of them at the moment.

Good news though! Next week looks like this.

Monday - R home til he leaves around 7 and the Caves are from Oxford are dropping in, who I haven't seen for 4 years on their way to Skegness. We'll go to the park and so on, and then in the evening the lovely Rachel will be coming back here to sit on the sofa and chat like we used to. She is such a good friend.

Tuesday - AC to dads, I do work for new school year.

Wednesday - AC at dad's, home at 6, I do report writing.

Thursday - going to Claire and Ellens to play

Friday AC to dads, Caroline and girls dropping in on thir way to Yarmouth, R home sometime probably.

What a lovely week!

There are some really tough bits in this week - like the BG's birthday - which is just a reminder of the fact that she is so far away and we haven't seen her in over 3.5 years. We'll manage though. We always do. We have to.


Well, I'm not starting the day like this lol!

I shall get some stuff done down here and then go back to bed! Got to make the most of him being home!

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