Monday, April 20, 2009

And so to work!

Holidays are over. *sigh*

Back to school.

Andy AM came over last night, and it was so fabulous to see him and just to catch up and he brought me an adorable picture of Jampot, and we chatted about the kids until about 11. It was uber cool.

And now I'm up, I'm thinking about the day ahead, I've got stuff to do. I have no idea how today is going to go, which worries me slightly as I like to know what I'm teaching my children and how! But as we don't know how long the classrooms are going to take to sort it's hard to know when the teaching itself will actually start.

Oh well.

More randomness yesterday evening, with the She-Ex phoning just after R had left, checking we had her number because we could have phoned her when we spoke to BG. We always phone her mother since we got this text/email

"what.part of i work EVERY sunday is so complicated????"

followed by

"alright i will make this very simple for you.... every sunday....plan accordingly"

So we did. We phone her mothers phone on a Sunday. The last two Sundays no one has answered for a variety of reasons, but this one they did, and R got to speak to BG and tbh, that's all we care about really. Whose phone or whatever is unimportant.

Anyway, she phoned, has sent 8 pictures of her birthday party at school, and of her and her teacher and so on, so at least he has new pictures, and selfishly, we like that! We'll see how things go though. I've been burnt too many times to leap back into friendship again. I was very non-comittal on the phone, and in the blog updated email that I sent to say that I'd done the blog.

I know it's been looked at, although I don't think all the new pages have been, but it's all there for her either for now or for later.

And now I have to exercise.

Laters people. Much laters, unfortunately!

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