Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pollyanna starts the day.

I'm in a Pollyanna-ish mood today.

I am looking for the Glad in everything.

So, even though it was QUARTER TO MIDNIGHT I'm glad that BG phoned last night. Even if she didn't have a lot to say because her mother was there and it will take the BG weeks, again, to get over Sundays shouting and other bad behaviour from her mother to her father. We'll see what she's like on Friday, when we phone, and someone answers at the right time. (See, still optimistic!) I don't know if the She-Ex gave R a reason for either not answering or phoning at STUPID o'clock, but I doubt it. I mean, a few weeks ago she phoned to tell us that someone we didn't even know was having a problem. But this week, not even an email to let us know BG's call would be late, or whatever.




She cannot help it. There was no malice, just ignorance.

So, even though Espresso Man has CANCELLED AGAIN for Friday, I am glad that he has a lovely job that calls him to London, because this is kind of a pet project for him, and I am glad that he gave us so much notice, and it will give us time as a class to look at the questions again. Although the children will be disappointed. And the work is done when we could have been doing something else.




Mr S cannot help it. His boss needs him.

So, even though the WEATHER IS NOT GOOD today, I am glad because we need some rain on the garden and we need to be relaxed about things we cannot control. Although if it is wet play then the children will try and be dire. But I will be fine and we will manage well.

I can't even try and be calm about this one without laughing. IT's the weather! What's to get stressy about?

In other news, I am going to quickly iron the halves for tonights block sewing, and then I need to pin and tack the blocks together to make the top. Which means taking it to town tomorrow to make sure I get the right amount of wadding and 2 cotton bottoms. And then working out what I do about the binding. I think I know what I'm doing.

And then photographing it all a lot to post on here and a copy of the finished thing to BG (who STILL HASN'T LOOKED AT THE BLOG - calm calm calm calm!) and all is well. I shall pass on my thanks to the She-Ex for the help she offered, although much of it I knew because I've hand quilted before, just not machine quilted. However I wouldn't be so flaming rude as to throw her helpful advice back in her face! She meant to be helpful, and I take it as such.

So a calm day ahead.

No storms, no badness, just calm and gentle behaviours.

Me and the Glad Game are off to start the day.

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H F W said...

Ah, refreshing to read your thoughts. Sometimes it just feels so much better to choose to remain calm. Thank you for that reminder.