Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of Geese and Wheels and Dishes


I ironed all the triangle squares, then laid out the blocks I had made. Then I set in the squares in the spaces so that they would make blocks, they just weren't sewn together yet, so that I could see how they would go.

and then I went "Hmmm! That looks ok!"

Tonight I have completed the remaining pinwheel blocks, completed the flying geese blocks, and stitched the halves of the broken dishes blocks. It's all good.

The only thing that isn't good is that yet again we phoned BG, and yet again there was no answer.

Oh well, that solves one question for us then!

And so to bed. Sneaking time to Do Things I Shouldn't Do is great. So now I'm going to sneak time and Do Something I Should Most Definately *Do*! ;-)

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