Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day!

The day started off so well.

I made bread. I pottered about. The Adorable Child wasn't awake and moving until 8.20. 8.20! I was on the verge of going up to check he was ok, but then he appeared downstairs and was in the best smiley mood I've seen him in for a week. It was wonderful.

Then R got up, and he and the AC played WoW for a few moments so that R could help the AC get to the level he needed to be to get his pet. He-Ex turned up, off he and the AC went, and I bimbled off to school to move the shed, set up the greenhouse and sort out my room.

Except that the people who had said they could help were having 50 fits because of the state of the rooms, so we decided that we would leave the shed and so forth, and sort out classrooms, but I couldn't do mine as the floor varnish was still wet. So I came home.

I came home to find that R was under the car, and cussing a little. He changed the shock absorber, and the car was more level, but still tilted. In a car like ours that means one of several things (self leveller has busted, the coil springs are gone, and so on) but all of them are expensive. We held crisis talks, and decided on a plan.

For those of you that know us personally, it's the same plan as usual. We looked on eBay and bought another vehicle after a tense wait. It's a good plan, it's worked before and we knew that there was a chance we would have to do this (the inner wheel arches on the Rangy were rotted and so we were ready. We had taken a mortgage holiday (so we didn't pay the mortgage this month) and so we had a finite amount of cash available. Less than we needed, we thought, but probably enough for something.

We are now the proud posessors of.....

......... and it pains me to say this almost......

a Chelsea Tractor!

All we need now is the labrador dog and we will be the epitome of middle class. (Except we aren't married, but we can gloss over that little thing!) The public sector jobs, the church notices, the governor thing, we are the joy of white collar Britain. Anyway....

We now have, the above vehicle. It's diesel, it's 2.2l, it's clean, tidy and apparently well behaved. And it's a manual, which R found entertaining in combination with the dieselness, although he had the hang of it by the end of the road. This vehicle is more or less everything that we need it to be, and above all it is PRACTICAL! This is not oversized, not ancient, not swanky, not in need of restoration, it just is.

And I think I love it.

Her. I think I love her.

We shall see what happens. but we've been and picked her up (my parents took us over on the way to somewhere else) and she rides well.

So I'm having a bath now.

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