Tuesday, May 19, 2009

0430 and I'm working....

... on a flip chart about paper planes.

I need an ups and downs post for yesterday. Or rather, in typical me style, a downs and ups post!

1) Woke up to email of pictures from the She-Ex. 16 pictures! Only 5 of the 16 actually had BG in them, but she was having fun, so all in all, it's an UP!

2) I didn't wake up to a reply from her about my blog. She's had a go the previous day, saying I show her as degenerate and unable to raise BG. I don't. I've said she could do more to help BG to read, which is true. I've said she could send more pictures and information this way, which is true. She says BG will read it one day and realise how badly I treated them. Well, unless She-Ex gives it to her, she won't, and I will cheerfully defend every single word to the BG if she does. And I told the She-Ex that, alongside, if you don't like it, don't read it. I was strong without being rude, so it's an UP!

3) VLE training happened. It was very, very hard work. No one else finds it as exciting as I do, (I'm a geek!) but then I was strong enough to say that we like it or lump it, but we still have to do it and I will give all the physical, practical, emotional help I can. That's for this, and for the Activ stuff as well, because if we want our BECTA mark, which we do, then we have to get on with this now. But the staff were encouraged, and were not shooting the messenger, and were clear about not shooting me, so that was an UP!

4) The AC is getting his white belt. He is going on up into Junior KSW, and his teacher has arranged it for a date which R can attend. Major UP! AC is so proud. A bit of focus and consistency of approach has done him the world of good. Sir thinks he could go a long way in this sport. Huge UP!

5) AC is on stage 8 reading. He is also above national average for most of the rest of what he does. Somehow, we are raising a smarty-pants! He hasn't found it easy, but he's getting there. We've all worked hard on it, and we're proud of him. He doesn't know his grades, there's no need, aside from the fact he has blasted through 2 stages of reading in as many months. Last nights book was "The Hot Pepper Queen and the Mango Babies" which was a weird story, but good. Anyway, fluent reader and happy at school. Humungous UP!

Ok, now it's 5 am, I've fed the animals, so I'm working for the next 30, then back here for a further update. I should get the blog button for this month as well.

Laters people

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