Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am stitching a tent for Sam-bear, details to be shown later, oh avid reader. R is here, watching me, caring for me, wanting to make my world better. He can, and he will, because we are like that. Sometimes, most times, we are all we need.

We have beautiful children, for whom we are there as much as we can, and of whom we are proud. We have had email tonight to make us very proud, and R is looking forward to telling BG tomorrow. We have a good home, and our emptiness may yet be filled. There is always hope, there is always faith, there is always persistence, and there is always God. As the previous post said "When you can't, He can".

So this is me, letting go, and letting God. He will do the things he needs to do, and he will make all things right, in his eyes.

Back to the Sam-bear tent. It's taking shape!

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