Saturday, May 2, 2009


There is a sense of peace in the house this morning. Nothing new has happened, there have been no amazing revelations, but the sense of rightness is tangible.

R phoned the BG last night, and it was answered first time, and, whilst she was watching tv when on the phone, they had a long conversation with her being questioning about us, about the AC, about what we had been doing, and so on. It was utterly, blatently obvious that the blog is being ignored again, and there is nothing we can do about that. BG hasn't seen it, she hasn't seen it. It will be there later though, and we will show her that we tried so very, very hard to keep her involved in our lives.

Today, the morning will be mainly involved in sewing as I finish the quilt. The backing materials were washed last night, and are drying as I type. I'm going to double back it so it is that bit more hardwearing and, whilst the ivory looked lovely for backing, I'm putting a lilac on the back as it won't show the dirt so much!

There's lots of things I need to do as well, but principally, R and I are going to carry on the feeling of closeness from last night, and spend our day doing things together. The house is tidy - I suppose 15 minutes in the rooms downstairs and 20 upstairs would do it. The washing is almost up to date. I do have planning to do, but I will do that on Sunday morning at this time. The animals need cleaning, which is simple enough and will take about 30 mins to do everyone, including the fish. At some point we'll go to town if we get around to it. There's no urgency really.

And that's the kind of day it is. There's no urgency to do anything today lol!

I hope your day is as good Dear Reader!

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